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Walk On Faith - Song of the Month

By Mike Reid

Mike Reid was a professional football player who also happens to be an incredible song writer who has collaborated with many country artists.

This song is over 30 years old. It was probably his biggest single hit.

Walk On Faith

Verse 1: We have come to the place in our lives

Where faith must be stronger than fear.

For if true love is our destination

Thru every storm it must always be clear

The surest way to get there from here

Chorus: Is to walk on faith

Trust in love

Just keep on putting one foot down in front of the other

When the valley so wide we stumble in stride

And everything inside wants to give up

Walk on faith, trust in love

Verse 2: Farther on beyond the shadows of our doubts

We will live where true love never dies

Thou the road we must travel is uncertain

There is truth in our heart that never dies

It is by such grace we are bound to arrive

Repeat Chorus


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