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Mona Lisa - Song of the Month

By Nat King Cole

Such an ear-pleasing sound. Such a smooth and melodic timbre. Such grace and elegance.

Nat King Cole’s version of Mona Lisa is truly a treasure. His voice coincides so well with the instrumentation and flow of this song. What a gift.

For me, this song, and the way he sings it is so melancholy. Yet it is not a melancholy that is to be dismissed, avoided, or viewed in a negative fashion. Quite the contrary.

The song just asks a simple question. Nothing more or less.

In life or so I believe, our repose to the questions presented, the “how,” reflects our perspective of the situation. In this instance: How am I living with cancer/MM?

Responding with our heart, our soul is our opportunity paint the picture, to paint our masterpiece.

It could be our Mona Lisa moment.

And much like the one painted by Leonardo DaVinci hundreds of years ago, it will be seen by others quite possibly long after we are gone.    


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