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Have You Seen The Rain - Song of the Month

By Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR)

“I wanta know, have you ever seen the rain”

Well, have you?

Some kind of question. But then again, CCR was some kind of group.

When I go to choose a song for the month, I never really choose a song, it sort of chooses me.

And so, it goes this month as well. I happened to hear this on the radio on a 70’s channel while driving and boy that line hit me right in the face.

For me, the image of having rain on a sunny day encapsulates the life of a cancer carrier.

CCR, at one time, was a top of the charts group. They “slayed it” with a very driving sound, sensational rhythms, a heavier beat, and sensitive lyrics. Many of their songs took on topics that were very pertinent to many Americans in the 60’s and early 70’s. Their “Fortunate Son” comes right to mind to name one.

They came into prominence about the same time that the Beatles were on top. Yet, their sound, their music stood apart from the overwhelming popularity of the “British Invasion.”  They sold out venues all over the world.

I just saw where this song has surpassed the one BILLION streams mark on Spotify this month – the oldest song ever to reach that mark.

Man, there is soooo much good music. Enjoy.


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