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Blink 182 – All The Small Things

Oh boy am I going crazy.

Normally a song such as this would not even be in my universe. I am not fond of “new music” which can be defined as anything after lets’ say 1990. I do not like metal or “punkish” rock.

So, what is with Blink 182?

This month it is all Avs baby!!! The song “All the Small Things” has become the somewhat official/unofficial Avs “go to” song.

At first, I thought that the title “All The Small Things” somehow represented an organizational manta regarding what it takes to win it all (in the vein of “leaving no stone unturned”).

Come to find out it was just a song that the arena DJ played during the third period of a game some years back and it caught on. Wonderful. All the better. Don’t you just love how things work out sometimes.

For me, one of the lessons learned is that I must keep trying to listen to new music. (I suppose that a 1999 song would not be considered new for most but for me its new). I must not sit in a rut.

Good heavens life is terminal and between here and there it is to be enjoyed. So, bring it on.


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