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You've Got Your Troubles - Song of the Month

By The Fortunes

Boy, do I like that title.

And I like the line “You’ve got your troubles I’ve got mine” even better.

Every one of us has our “troubles”. They cannot be avoided. They are included and integral in this game called life.

The Fortunes were a British harmony beat group which first came together in 1961 but did not garner world-wide prominence until 1965 with their hit You’ve Got Your Troubles.

Interesting enough, in addition to the rock/pop hits, they also recorded several prominent advertising slogans for Coca Cola and introduced Coke’s most successful slogan campaign “Thing Go Better with Coke”.

All the original members of the band have passed. However, others have taken up the torch and The Fortunes are still touring.

Yes, we all have our troubles. Some with love, some with cancer. There is an endless supply of potential trouble. A line in the song states “I sit and wonder why” which seems to recognize almost a universal truth when it comes to trouble.

Oh well, it is what it is.


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