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Who's On First? - Song of the Month

By Abbott and Costello

I just could not help myself with this choice for “song” of the month. This is one of the greatest comedy skits to ever be performed by two of the best showmen. A real throwback. The way they perform this bit is “music” to the ears. What a classic.

The utter lack of understanding and total befuddlement as portrayed by Lou Costello is priceless and at times represents me and maybe a good many others who walk the cancer journey.

What (second base) is going on?

Who (first base) makes the decision?

I don’t know (third base) what the future will bring.

A universal conundrum by some of the most creative writers in show business.

The frustrations and total misunderstandings by both Abbott and Costello, due to their lack of effective communication, is funny. And yet, it can be viewed as a microcosm of the sometimes-painful process by which we try to figure out information that may or may not be totally understood regarding our own cancer/life journey.

To laugh is very special. And this bit makes me laugh. My hope is that it at least brings a smile to your day.

I hope you enjoy the “line-up” as presented by Abbott and Costello.


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