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Where Ya Been

By Luke Bell

OK, this is a personal one for me.

About seven years ago in June a good friend of mine was lost to pancreatic cancer. In addition to our personal friendship, he was also a professional colleague who often helped me sort through some of the unexpected situations that crop up when running your own business. His wisdom and wit have been missed.

This is his son – Luke Bell.

Luke also has had his struggles and has since left the music business however he has left us with some real gems like this month’s song – “Where Ya Been”.

When I watch this music video and listen to the words, I cannot help but relate to the “Where Ya Been” question. I believe that in asking this question what I may actually be saying is that I need re-assurance that I am right where I am suppose to be. Where have I been? – well, right where I am supposed to be.

So raise a glass this month to those we have lost and please remember to be good to yourselves.


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