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“The Magnificent Seven”

Theme Song

Well of course it is going to be the theme song from the movie “The Magnificent Seven.”

How could it not be?

The award-winning soundtrack from the movie has been heard in many separate places and for those of us that remember cigarette commercials running on TV, it was foundational in the development of the “Marlboro Man” ad campaign which turned out to be one of the most successful ad campaigns ever witnessed.

Sales of Marlboro cigarettes were stagnant as the product was marketed as an after-dinner relaxation tool. Someone somewhere got the idea to change the image and in doing so used the theme song as a way of introducing the Marlboro Man to America. The rest is history. Marlboro went on to become one of the most recognized and best-selling brands world-wide.

Today just writing this seems odd. I mean, ads on tv for a product with known cancer related issues seems to be insane. We have come a long way baby (Oh God, another cigarette campaign slogan).


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