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Take It To The Limits

By the Eagles

Well, eventually I had to include an Eagles classic. What a song.

The Eagles have always been one of my favorite groups. I have always claimed that if I were stranded on an island and had five albums to keep me company for the extended period of aloneness, one of the albums would surely be by the Eagles. Their greatest hits album (1971 – 1975) is one of the best-selling albums (38 million+) of all-time.

I could have used a dozen of their hits as a song of the month. However, this month’s post is all about the idea of asking oneself or at least looking objectively at how we define or manage this idea of “limits.”

The soulful singing is haunting. For me, the word “alone” takes center stage in addressing the idea of a limit/limits. Right off the bat, we hear “All alone at the end of the evening.” What a picture those words create.

We alone must make the “limit” call.

Enjoy the music.


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