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South of the Border - Song of the Month

By Asleep at the Wheel, Featuring George Straight

Today I make a request (not an order) - dance.

Well, if you have never danced the two-step to this song or to any song for that matter, get off the couch or chair and dance the two-step with your partner. And if you do not know how to dance the two-step – well – learn!!! 

Stop making excuses for not dancing and just try it. Who knows, you may enjoy yourself.

This song, originally performed in 1939 has a swing to it that just cannot be beat. It is just impossible to sit still while listening to this song. It is a great song to try your hand at the two-step.

 The song has been covered by a slew of artists across many different genres. This Asleep At The Wheel/George Strait cover is the best version in my humble opinion – hands down. What a fine tune. And yes, George Strait is quite the singer. His melodic tone certainly fits the mood of the song.

Have fun, enjoy.


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