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Song(s) of the Month - In The Misty Moonlight & Send Me Your Pillow

By Dean Martin

That’s right, we are changing it up but just for one month and that is because I just could not make a final decision as to what song to post. Neither of these songs have anything to do with Spring, renewal, or new beginnings. Sometimes you just must go with your gut.

Crooner: A singer, usually a man, who sings popular or jazz songs, often about love, in a soft smooth voice.

I love the “crooners” of the world. And in my opinion, none was better than Dean Martin. He was the best. I waited long enough before posting a song by a “crooner”.

“In The Misty Moonlight” is so smooth. What a voice, what a feeling.

“Send Me Your Pillow” is also a real gem. This song has been covered by a lot of artists but none better than Dean Martin. The video taken from his TV show of the 60’s provides a real nostalgic sense of times gone by. What sold me on this version is the extraordinary voice range Mr. Martin exhibits right at the end of the song. Can you believe it? Talent personified.

I realize that both songs and in general songs by crooners have for the most part been archived in the “rarely heard” category of today’s mainstream musical playlist.

I say “pa-shaw” to all of that. Listen and enjoy. A real treat.


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