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Song of the Month: Satisfaction

The Rolling Stones

Well, the word “iconic” comes to mind when I hear the “Stones” belt out one of their signature songs.

Living with cancer/Multiple Myeloma means that satisfaction is a moving target. Can any of us get some satisfaction and if so, what does it look like?

Given that, I laughed when I heard “Satisfaction” on the radio while I was driving the other day. And yes, it was on an oldies channel. Hard to believe that a song like that is fifty plus years old. Where does the time go?

Not being a “Stones” fan, I have got to give credit to Mick Jagger and the boys for putting to music the questioning of this thing called “satisfaction.” Somehow, I believe it is up to me/us, no matter what the circumstance, to define what, where and how you/I will be satisfied.

Maybe it is a desired blood report. How about a day without back pain. Or maybe it is birdieing a par three that requires a tee shot to clear a lake that sits between you and the pin.

I can get satisfaction so long as I do not ask for the impossible.


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