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Seven Spanish Angels - Song of the Month

By Ray Charles/Willie Nelson

This song has nothing to do with this month’s article.

About two days ago I woke up at about 2:00 am with this song in my brain. Why? I have no idea. I got my cell phone out and watched the video of the song and then I watched it again and then I watched it gain and then I watched it again and you get the idea. I watched it five or six times. For some reason I just could not shake this song from my mind,

Then, I watched/listened to Ray Charles belt out “Its Crying Tie Again.” Oh boy does he hit all the right notes on that song as well.

Two incredibly sad songs. Two of the saddest that I have ever heard, Haunting. And Ray Charles and Willie Nelson on Seven Spanish Angels and Ray Charles on Its Crying Time Again, well you just  cannot get two better songs to listen to when its two in the morning and you are awake and you do not know why and I guess you just need some soul-full notes to touch you heart.

Seven Spanish Angels was a huge hit for them. It was Ray Charles’s biggest country hit I read. His voice is just so distinctive and so full of emotion. Man, that guy could really understand a song. What a talent and what a privilege to be able to listen to him belt out a tune with such emotion.

Anyway, this has been a tough month and so maybe this is a good tune to match my journey currently. Who knows? Who Cares!

Enjoy the song(s) and remember that at 2:00 in the morning, there is not much that can get in the way of listening to good music.


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