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Sea of Heartbreak - Song of the Month

By Roseanne Cash

I had a difficult time with this month’s song. I just could not make up my mind.

This song, first recorded in 1961 by Don Gibson was a huge hit. It has staying power and has been covered by many artists. I believe that while the original version is terrific, Ms. Cash’s version is more contemporary and soul full.

I believe that at one time or another most of us experience a cruise on the “sea of heartbreak” in some manner or fashion. Who could argue with that.

The very first lines in the song: “The lights in the harbor, don’t shine for me; I’m like a lost ship adrift on the sea” draw a vivid picture of wanting to be someplace else which I believe resonates with many of us who are dealing with cancer in our lives.

What I really like about the song is that it does not offer any answers. It stays in that moment of uncertainty and wanting. It does not shy away from its sadness and loneliness. There is a sense of purpose in knowing this sadness and loneliness and desire.

A great song.


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