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In My Life

The Beatles

Well, sooner or later, I had to choose a Beatles song.

Come on, there are very few of us “Boomers” who can honesty say they have absolutely no affinity for The Beatles. They were a huge cultural change-agent as time moved forward.

“In My Life” was written by John Lennon way back in 1964 and first appeared in public on their 1965 album Rubber Soul. Hard to believe that’s almost 60 years ago.

This song was ranked #23 on Rolling Stones’ 500 Greatest Songs of All-Time list back in 2003.

When looking at the video that accompanies this song post I am amazed at how short/tame the Beatles “long hair” was back in 1965. Trust me when I say that “long hair” for men was a HUUUUUGE issue back then. I believe the video is a wonderful look-back at times long since gone and for the most part forgotten. Not much is eternal.

What a wonderful song. Simple melody, simple lyrics, simple message and simply one of their best.



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