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“I’m All Right”

Jo Dee Messina

There are no coincidences.

I was feeling not so good recently because my treatments have been tough (lots of chemo and the unpleasant after-effects) and the results have been just ok. Too early to tell if what we are doing is working. Oh well.

And then I heard this tune on the radio. And so then, I watched the video. And then, I found out the Jo Dee Messina is a cancer survivor. I just shook my head and smiled and knew that this was going to the song of the month.

I needed a reminder that I am right where I am supposed to be and that where I am is all right. I needed a reminder that “I’m all right.”

Man does it get hard at times. A cancer journey is full of twists and turns. No matter, it is important to understand that it is what it is and that it is still up to us to decide if “I’m all right.”


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