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Don’t Know Why - Song of the Month

By Norah Jones

I cannot believe that it has been over 20 years since Norah Jones recorded this song. I must be getting old because time is flying.

Norah Jones is some kind of talent. And, I am a fan.

Of course, this song really allows her to display what I believe to be her greatest talent, which is connecting to the human condition through music. What a gift to all of us.

What a voice, what a sultry, sublime, and mesmerizing version of a song written by Jessie Haines for his 1999 album. The song has been her biggest hit reaching the Top 40 in America (#34) and a top five in Australia. It won her three Grammy Awards in 2003.

The pace, the timbre of her performance, the piano playing are all so exceptionally smooth without the need or desire for any hype or promotion. Music to be listened to and enjoyed.

As the song says, many times we do not know why.

And that my friends is OK.

PS: two more songs - Her concert version of Lone Star with Willie Nelson is a treasure and her rendition of Will You Still Love Me is by far the best that there is.


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