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Counting Flowers On The Wall - Song of the Month

By the Statler Brothers

Well, this is an old country mega-hit first recorded in 1965 which is almost 60 years ago.

I decided to choose it for two reasons: one it makes me laugh and two it is a pretty good descriptor of what waiting for the T cells to come back and be re-introduced into my body can seem like.

The line “playing solitaire till dawn with a deck of 51” can be used to describe so many occasions where for whatever the reason, we find ourselves just a little bit off. However, as the song so truthfully tells us, that’s no reason to complain.

The Statler Brothers were a quartet that became well known for their harmonizing and tremendous vocal arrangements and coordination. Two members of the quartet are brothers (Harold and Don Reid). Don was the lead singer on many of their hits while Harold provided the distinctive bass vocals. The group retired in 2002 with numerous Grammy and American Country Music Awards.

Their version of “How Great Thou Art” and “More Than a Name on a Wall’ deserve a listen as well.


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