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Well, again, no surprise here if you have read the column.

ABBA, the super-group from Sweden comes in with this month’s song – WATERLOO.

Waterloo was their break-out hit. It won them a European song contest and propelled them on an incredible run of top albums and hits that frankly has not been matched. The group has sold more albums than all but one other group in the entire history of rock and roll. Of course, the group on top is The Beatles.

An interesting tidbit of info is that where many Beatles’ songs have been covered by many different artists, the ABBA songs of fame just are not covered to any great extent. They had/have a unique blend of notes and lyrics that somehow stand by themselves.

I mean who else but four singers from Sweden could give it their all and make a hit out of a song title for an 1815 battle.

And by the way, don’t they look happy on the video.


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